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List of news

  • 28.01.2014

    Share databses on Steam workshop

    Tired of playing with the same database season after season? Are you wondering what type of crazy and exciting leagues the community has created?

  • 26.11.2013

    Database Editor Released!

    Ever wanted more customisation options to create your Sunday league team, with players that look just like your family and friends? or maybe you just want to have a superhuman team that destroys the competition, now you can tinker and tweak your teams stats with Lords of Football's new Database Editor tool.

  • 11.10.2013

    NEW DLC Lords of Football: USA

    On the eve of the anniversary commemorating the discovery of the Americas, Lords of Football: United States navigates it's way across the Atlantic, allowing you to conquer a new soccer league.

  • 26.08.2013

    Royal Edition Launched

    The football game with a personality, just got a whole lot better. Now you can experience the thrill of this fresh sports lifestyle simulator, with the added bonus of playing with the...